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Common Questions

What People Are Asking Us

Which of your services is right for me?

We offer a wide variety of services depending on what your goals are with your dog. Check out our Training Programs and Packages page to look at all that we offer. If you are still unsure, give us a call or you can book a consultation.

Is my pet too old/young to be trained?

Here at Hub City Elite K9 Training, we can train any dog, any age, any size. We have board and trains for puppies that can be started as early as 24 weeks and as long as your senior dogs do not have any debilitating health issues, we can train them too!

What is your approach to pet training?

We use a variety of methods that have had proven results. We understand that every dog is unique and may respond differently to different training methods. We create a program that best caters to your dog and your needs. 

Most commonly, we use a combination of hand signals, voice commands, clickers, gentle leash pressure, and Ecollar technologies mini educator. An Ecollar is a mobile tens unit, not a shock collar. 

What do I need to bring for drop off?

A signed contract and vaccine records will be required before drop off. Dogs must have proof of being up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccinations. Full payment must be made before or at drop off. 

Dogs will need enough food for the duration of the training-we recommend providing a little extra food too. They will also need food and water bowls. Optional items are toys, beds, and treats.

We also ask that you only bring your dog in a flat collar and leash, or slip leash. Please removes clothes, harnesses and head collars prior to drop off. 

What can I expect at Pick Up?

You will have a 1 hour private session with your trainer after completion of the board and train. They will go over all the commands and make sure you are confident with them. The trainer will also watch you work your dog and answer any questions you may have.

How often will I hear from the trainer while my dog is in training?

Every day. Your trainer will send you pictures and videos of your dog's progress every day while they are away for training.

What is the lesson that comes with the Board and Train Programs?

When you purchase a Board and Train Program, you will also get a free private lesson with the trainer who trained your dog to use no later than 30 days after pickup. It can be used as a refresher for you and your dog.

Additional private lessons can be purchased for $50.

Do you offer Boarding Services?

Yes, for past training clients. Please call for availability. Our fees are:

$40/night for one dog

$60/night for 2 dogs

$25/night per dog for 3 or more dogs

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