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At Hub City Elite K9 Training, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendship. We know that each animal is different, and we work with you and your pet to provide tailor-made guidance that creates long lasting change. Whether you have a new pet or already own a pet with behavioral challenges, we are here for support. Contact us for peace of mind and professional service.

Hub City Elite K9 Training believes it’s never too late to teach an old pet (and its owner) new behaviors and new tricks. Our tailor-made services are designed with you and your pet in mind to ensure results. We believe in working as much with you as with your pet. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training.

Hub City Elite K9 Training has trainers with many years of experience in supporting pet owners to make the needed changes in their pet’s habits. Our high success and client satisfaction rates are our greatest source of pride. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Commands and Definitions

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Come to Sit


Always done off leash. The dog will leave any distraction to return to owner and sit beside them.

Sitting or Laying Down for a long period of time

Sit and Extended Sit
Down and Extended Down

Can be done on or off leash. The dog will hold either a sit or down position through many distractions.

Sitting or Laying Down on a Defined Object


Can be done on or off leash. Place is a great confidence builder for dogs. The dog can choose to either sit or lay down on the defined object but must hold that sit or dow through many distractions. In the 2 week unleashed or custom plan, the dog will do both a "sit place" and "down place" when given the specific command.

Walking Beside the Owner


Can be done on or off leash. On leash, the dog will walk with a loose leash directly beside the handler. The owner can choose which side the dog will walk on at the start of training-if no side is designated, the dog will automatically be taught to heel on the left. Off leash, the dog will maintain the correct position without a leash and be expected to hold that position through many distractions.

Basic and Advanced

Door Manners

Always done off leash.

The dog will either be put in a place or down command inside the house and the door will open. The dog will be expected to hold that command and not go through the door until they are released by the handler. 

Loading Up into the Car

Car Manners

Can be done on or off leash. The dog will sit outside of the car and wait for the handler to open the vehicle and kennel. They will jump into the kennel one given the load up command. The dog will be expected to stay in the kennel without jumping out. When unloading, the dog will wait until the handler releases the dog before the dog jumps out of the vehicle. The dog will also wait patiently for the owner to get anything else out of the car.

Behaving in the Kennel

Kennel Manners

Always done off leash. The dog will learn the "Kennel" command and go into the kennel when told. The dog will stay in the kennel even with the door open. The dog will not scratch or bark in the kennel.

Waiting for Food

Food Manners

Can be done on or off leash.The dog will be put into a sit or place command and the handler will put food for the dog down and the dog will wait until being released to eat the food.

Off Command

Greeting Manners

Can be done on or off leash. The dog will not jump up on people. The dog will be expected not to just go up to people they pass by. 

Therapy Dog Program: Dogs will be pet by multiple people and be expected to hold a sit, place or down command and not get overly excited while being pet. 

Ignoring Other Dogs

Dog Distractions

The dogs in training will work around other dogs and be expected to hold their commands and ignore other dogs.

Come to Heel Position

Recall to Heel

The dog will recall but instead of sitting around the handler, the dog will come straight into the heel position.

Task Training

Specific Service Dog Tasks

Dogs can learn a variety of tasks to help a handler mitigate a disability. Some of the tasks we can train for are light pressure therapy/deep pressure therapy, mobility and counterbalance, crowd control, guide commands, scent/allergen detection, anxiety and panic attack alert, retrieval of select items, and negative behavior interruption. For more information, please contact us!

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